Joey Jones




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Joey Jones has been a photographer since 1998, and has been in the professional league since 2004, being published in shutterbug magazine and doing commercial shoots with MJ Marketing and Becker Advertisement, photographing companies such as Guess, Dooney & Bourke and Fossil.

Joey is an innovative thinker, creating and archiving ideas for clients demand. Specializing in artistic and creative photography, by utilizing off camera and vivid lighting, putting that unique touch on specific photographs. Clients have hired Joey because he is a fast thinker getting that demanded result for the specific result of specialized photography.

Joey, having an appreciation to art and working with many business and marketing teams, can not only create the photographs you need, but has even created successful ad campaigns from idea to submission to print.

Shooting with multiple high-end Canon Digital SLR bodies and a wide range of fast professional lenses to achieve the perfect look at the right moment. Along with all proper professional lighting equipment for the specifics of the photo shoot anytime, anywhere.

But you may ask why you as an individual or why your company should choose Joey Jones for your professional photography needs? Simply because he will get the job done right! As a creative, level headed individual, he enjoys working with a diverse range of personalities to archive the goals of the job.

For industrial photography:

-Familiar with OSHA regulations

-Familiar with height restrictions, site permits and personal protection equipment

-Has worked around hazardous and biological chemicals and safety procedures.

-Has worked around radioactive materials, and familiar with safety procedures that comply.

-Had training on respirator training for airborne hazards (radioactive, chemical, and biohazard.)

-Trained on safety for electrical shock hazards.